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Telugu Movies That Stole Our Heart In 2023!

Do you like watching romantic Telugu movies? A good romantic movie is liked by almost everyone, especially those in love. If you are looking for such movies, try watching Ori Devuda, Love Story, and Fidaa. These are some of the latest romantic movies in Telugu that have stolen many viewers’ hearts.

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  1. Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda is a movie with unique romance, fantasy, and comedy story combinations that will keep everyone entertained. The story revolves around Arjun, who marries his best friend Anu, but later thinks their life is loveless. After he meets his childhood love Meera again, he thinks he should have married her. Arjun and Anu decide to get divorced, but on that day, Arjun meets two strangers – God and his assistant. God offers Arjun a chance to re-enter his past and change his life. But he later finds that he is truly in love with Anu.

  1. Love Story

Love Story is an emotional romance movie that tells Revanth and Monica’s love story. Revanth is settled in Hyderabad, who runs a Zumba centre. Monica comes from a conservative upper-caste family, creating problems in their love life. The movie is about how they face all those problems and start a life together.

  1. Fidaa

Fidaa is another romantic movie that revolves around the couple Varun and Bhanu. Varun is an NRI medical student, while Bhanu is a cheerful young woman. Since there are many personal differences between these two, their relationship has many complications. It is an excellent love story wherein they finally get together.

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