Signs That Your Windows PC Needs Thunder VPN

Ways to Verify if Thunder VPN Works on Your PC

It is crucial to ensure that your Virtual Private Network (VPN) software functions properly on your Windows PC. There are ways to ensure that this works on your computer. You need to know what tests to run to ensure the functionality of your VPN.

You need your VPN to work at its best to guarantee the safety and security of your online activities. Here are some ways and tests that you can do to ensure that your thunder vpn for windows 7 is operating as it should.

IP Address Check

You can use your IP address to verify if the Thunder VPN is working on your PC. This is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to test its functionality:

  • Take note of your original IP address
  • Connect to the Thunder VPN
  • Find a reliable IP checker website to use
  • IP should match the VPN server’s location

Signs That Your Windows PC Needs Thunder VPN

DNS Leak Test

When your device bypasses the VPN’s servers and connects directly to your ISP’s DNS servers, this is known as a DNS leak. When this happens it could expose your online activity. Do this for the DNS Leak Test:

  • Use your preferred search engine and find the “DNS leak test.”
  • The test should show that your DNS requests are routed through the VPN’s servers.

Geolocation Test

You can use a geolocation test tool to check the VPN functionality on your Windows PC. All you need is to search “What is my IP location” using your preferred search engine. The VPN’s server location should match the results of your search. This means that the VPN connection is active and that it redirects your traffic.

WebRTC Leak Test

Accessing Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) may still reveal your IP address even if you are already using a VPN. Do this to test your Thunder VPN functionality:

  • Search for the WebRTC leak test online
  • Run the WebRTC leak test
  • The test should return the VPN’s IP address

Signs That Your Windows PC Needs Thunder VPN

Using VPN on Your Windows PC

There are still many tests that you can do to ensure that your Thunder VPN software is working properly. Yet you have to keep in mind that there are certain factors that may affect your VPN’s performance. This includes the server load and network quality.

To ensure that your internet activities are safe and secure, install and use the most recent versions of operating systems and the Thunder VPN. Do not forget to do the tests above to ensure that your VPN is working as expected.